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Dental Implants are the next best thing to your healthy, Strong and natural teeth. Know more about the dental implant and take a right advice of skilled dentist by visiting best dental implant in Ahmedabad – Shreyas Dental Hospital.


3 Dental Conditions only an Established Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad Can Cure

Keeping your teeth healthy requires constant care. As teeth have a major role to play in daily lives- grinding food, they can suffer from a number of oral conditions and diseases. It is very important to contact a dental clinic in Ahmedabad if you are suffering from a complicated dental condition, including the following:

dental clinic in ahmedabad

  • Tooth Infection

Tooth infection is a common dental problem that requires immediate treatment that only a well-equipped dental hospital in Ahmedabad can offer. Dental infection can occur due to a crack, fracture or cavity and leads to nerve damage and bacteria infestation. In order to get relief from this oral disease, one must consult an experienced dentist who can either suggest root canal or any other effective treatment for curing tooth infection.

  • Enamel Degradation

There are a lot of people who suffer from enamel degradation. Enamel degradation occurs due to consumption of aerated drinks and sugary snacks and can lead to a stained, unhealthy enamel. As enamel is a really important part of the dental system and protects teeth, it is really important to contact a dentist at any dental clinic in Ahmedabad if your enamel has started to degrade or is discolored.

  • Dental Injury

Dental injury can be caused due to an accident. This can lead to complete or partial teeth loss, making you look bad and hampering your ability to eat properly. If you have been a victim of an accident resulting in teeth loss, you should contact a well-equipped dental hospital in Ahmedabad. Renowned dental hospitals have the facility for dental implants and can take care of the problem of teeth loss using advanced equipment.

Shreyas Dental Hospital is an established dental hospital in Ahmedabad that offers a patient relief from all dental problems. If you are suffering from any dental condition or disease, you must consider visiting a dental hospital in Ahmedabad such as Shreyas Dental Hospital. You can talk to experienced surgeons and dentists about your problem who will give you the right advice to cure an oral or dental condition.

Are SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) Harmful for Your Dental Implants?

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors also known as SSRIs are a class of anti-depressant drugs that are used in the treatment of anxiety as well as major depressive disorders. As per a dental clinic in Ahmedabad, they are the most widely prescribed drugs for curing depression in a majority of countries around the world. Even though they are the most prescribed drugs their efficacy is outweighed by their side effects especially in the case of dental implants.

What Do the Stats Say?

According to the statistics, around 50% of the patient’s consume2 or more than 2 drugs, which ultimately lead to dry mouth? This condition, if untreated, can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and a lot other problem.


In other cases, around 2/3rd of the patients consuming tricyclic and other anti-depressants, which can have dangerous impact on the patients when operated by anesthesia drugs for making the gum numb.Patients, which have low blood pressure, can react more critically, and may get dizzy and fall after prolonged dental work. Dentists need to take special care

How Do SSRIs Lead to Dental Implant Failure?

Studies conducted by the McGill University and NIH have supported the notion that SSRIs inflict negative effects on the bones, especially in the density of the bone mineral as well as the fracture. An article done by the Journal of Dental Research stated that they increase the risk of osseointegraeted implant failure. Since the bone metabolism influences the osseointegration, the study aimed to examine the relationship between the risk of dental implant failure and SSRIs.

After a follow-up of 3 to 67 months, as compared to the non-SSRIs users, the patients who were using SSRIs had a failure rate of 10.6%. In addition to this, implants having small diameter and addicted to smoking also had an increased risk of implant failure.

Shreyas Hospital, a dental clinic in Naranpura have suggested that the usage of SSRI may also lead to failure in bone healing after the surgical procedures. According to the dentists, more cautious surgical treatments should be planned for SSRIs users and this is what they do at Shreyas Dental Clinic.

Getting Immediate Dental Implants After 40

Dental implant sin 3 days-shreyas dental

Issues pertaining to oral health these days are so common that the stigma once attached to them are long gone. People want the best for them, no matter what it is. This includes health, especially oral health.
People are concerned about their oral health more than ever and are paying the due attention to it that it deserved. Dental check-ups have become as essential as full body check-ups. What was once thought as a frivolous expense is becoming a need.

This includes getting immediate dental implants when there is a need for them. Dental implants basically are screws that hold the teeth in place and help them stay stationary.

The reasons for a person to have to get immediate dental implants are aplenty. However, some of them include periodontal diseases, loose teeth, missing teeth, poor fitting, injury, or for people who are born without teeth.

Considering the age factor
By the time the body reaches the age of 38, it starts slowing down; that is, the body starts moving towards senility. More medical problems start cropping up after the 40 than they would earlier; heart diseases, joint pains, respiratory diseases, movement disorders, ageing of skin, etc.

Another aspect associated with age is the deteriorating oral health. The teeth start giving way; there are already crevices starting to develop between the teeth, gum pains, swollen gums or pain in teeth. Also, during this time, the teeth start having gaps between them and get loose and may come off very easily, any time.
For such a situation, there is no other alternative but to go for Instant dental implants.
Getting dental implants after the age of 40 has a lot of people questioning the process. Well, to debunk all the myths, the process is completely safe. Sure, age has a lot to do with what type of dental implants you would be getting, but the process is safe, when carried out by qualified medical practitioners.

After a certain age, due to lifestyle, long periods of problems with teeth and long period of ignorance to oral health also plays a part in getting dental implants after the age of 40.
However, this only increases the quality of life of a person whose body on the other hand is going down. Dental implants will give them a fresher aspect to life.

Five Common Dental Troubles You Should Never Ignore


The number of people suffering from dental problems like bad breath, plaque and bleeding gum are increasing. Are you also having any such issues? If yes, don’t wait for the early symptoms to develop into worst conditions like oral cancer.
Meet your dentist immediately.

It’s easier to find the right dentists online. You can easily reach the best dentist in Ahmedabad. In case, you are looking for a dentist in Naranpura Ahmedabad, just Google and you will end up finding the one you want.
Coming back to our discussion let’s discover the five common dental issues that you should not be ignoring.

Bad Breath
Poor dental hygiene is the most common reason for bad breath. Bad breath is also an indication of various severe conditions like acidity, liver problem, diabetes and respiratory problems. Sinusitis and bronchitis are the common respiratory conditions leading to bad breath. It’s also a social taboo that can mar your reputation badly.

Bleeding Gums
Bleeding is a sign of various dental complexities. The most common causes of bleeding gum is the deficiency of vitamin K and vitamin C. Your bleeding gums are the early sign of gingivitis. It further develops into periodontists that causes gum to shrink and form infected gaps

Dental Cavities
Usually, cavities develop from the sticking of food residue in your teeth. Sometimes it also develops though you maintain a good oral hygiene, indicating low immunity. The dental cavities can damage your gum and teeth.

Tooth Pain
Though many of you are concerned about the persistent toothache, but you should not be ignoring the occasional ones. It may occur at some particular events like eating cold, hot or hard food items. You must keep a track of it.

Dental Plaque
Dental plaque occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. At the beginning stage, it is colorless and turns pale yellow as it turns into tartar. The plague secretes acid that harms your teeth. It gives rise to various dental problems like gingivitis, periodontists and caries.

So, if you are having any of these troubles then don’t delay; meet the right dentist in Ahmedabad.

Things People in Ahmedabad Should Know About the Dental Health

The technological advancements have ushered us into illusions of “knowing everything” but we are failing ourselves at varied fronts, unknowingly. Every time we suffer from tooth pain or decay we change our toothpaste thinking it will solve a problem but it never happens, why? Because we are doing it all wrong.


We all are moving towards apocalypse because we do not know things and we actually do not know how to do things in order to avoid fatal and lethal issues. Here we are going to share some of the most important things related to dental health everyone should know:

We all are brushing too hard: Yes! Our brushing style affects our dental health. By brushing too hard we are not just ruining our gums but we are also failing to take proper care of our teeth. When we brush slowly and lightly, we allow the bristles to go in every corner and clean properly but when in hurry all we do is harm our gums. If you have suffered such damages then you must see a dentist in Ahmedabad as soon as possible.

We are allergic to chemicals present in our toothpaste: Yes! Not everyone is going to love the pinching taste of the brand new toothpaste from a hyped MNC. Varied people have varied PH balances, which can be altered with use of toothpaste that has chemicals. The allergy can be a serious issue if ignored for long. Everyone suffering from such allergies must see a dentist at the earliest.

Lemon water is not good for our enamels: We all have coaxed our friends to sit and enjoy a glass of lemon water with us thinking it kills bacteria and provides us with the requisite refreshment, whereas it has been damaging our enamels. Yes! This again is a case of ruining PH balance. Lemon contains critic acid, which when consumed in high quantity can ruin the PH balance and force tooth decay. Seeing a dentist in Naranpura (it’s good to see a dentist in your vicinity!) Will help you understand these facts intricately and avoid innocuous situation of tooth decay and tooth erosion.

The world needs to drop the idea of “know-it-all” and see a dentist in Ahmedabad as soon as possible every time they suffer from any of consequences listed here.